Observing The Obvious

Observation is an art. I create pictures in an effort to fulfill a desire to create. I am a professional
people watcher. I love observation,and through my images try to show others how fulfilling it can be.

Some impressions remain in our memory while others disappear. The impressions that stay in memory,
arrangements of one’s surroundings, are arbitrary. Our sense of self is based on these impressions.
Our actions are dictated by past observations – experiences, actions and their effect.

I strive to create images which are interesting and intellectually stimulating to all. I work to reenforce
my sense of being by creating images of observation. I hope to help others notice and remember more
than the images media throws at them.Look around and observe, notice that each moment is different.

Rena Wright



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All You Need To Know About Me….


I am RENA, a loner and, a pretender.
I wonder where or who I am and why is this
I hear the ocean waves beckoning me.
I see aspirations on the distant horizon.
I want desperately to feel like myself.
I pretend you are not there.
I feel that life is beyond good and evil, far beyond this realm. I touch myself pinching myself to see if I am still here living this dream. I worry that others will find out about me or who I seem not to be. I cry for help what a cliche. I pretend you are not there. I understand that what counts is experience and communion.

I say to myself and God. Only Thou knowst if I am dreaming is any of this real?I dreamed about the Garden of Eden last night. I wanted to scream at Eve. I tried desperately to wake up.I prayed for deliverance, courage, strength, and wisdom.
I am RENA, a loner, a pretender…..

Defining Who I Am

  1. Loner by choice.
  2. Pretender by birth.
  3. Called by GOD to create.
  4. Ignoring the stereotypes of society.
I don’t mind being alone. It enhances the creative process. Contrary to popular belief, quiet is good.
If you prented to be who you want to be long enough, you will become who you once pretended to be.
Called by God and the ocean waves
Have you ever been to the ocean at night? The roaring ocean speaks to my soul with words that have no sound.
Groanings beyond mortal understanding that transcend the moment waiting to become “art”.
I pretend you are not there.
I will never let anyone squeeze me into their mold.

My Favorite Quotes

  • There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. – Uknown author
  • The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. -Psalm 11:2
  • The job of an artist is always to deepen the mystery. -Francis Bacon

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My Fear of Public Speaking

I did it! I conqured my fear of public speaking. I went to my class at Richland College and I spoke in front of all my classmates. I completed a two minute self-image speech complete with props. I was nervous and scared. My classmates were an excellent audience and they made it  easy for me with kind nods of encouragement and attentive looks. I did it! I am so proud of me.


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3BT – Three Beautiful Things

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Power Question #3

3. What could I work on now that would make the biggest difference in my life?

I could increase my communication fluency, meaning I can be more comfortable around large groups of people, as the center of attention. God has me called to do something. I am not sure what, but  I need to grow and expand to reach my destiny. I can feel it. I keep getting thrown into situations where I have to talk to groups of people. My ideal would be to join a group where I would have to speak on the regular. I have an opportunity to do this in my speech class. Wish me luck.


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Living with his porn addiction

How do you live with the pain of a continued affair? Men think that just because they haven’t had sex with anyone else you should be grateful. How can I be grateful that when my husband makes love to me he is fantasizing about some other woman, better yet some other body. I you have live with a man addicted to porn you know when he isn’t and when he is watching porn, because he doesn’t look at you when you have sex. He often can’t maintain and erection. They don’t realize that porn is a drug like any other. It effects thier lives in a way that ruins relationships just like crack.

If you love him pray for him and pray for you. Pray for stregnth and courage to get through. Theres help for him and for you.  Please visit http://www.firesofdarkness.com


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3BT – Giving, Grace & Plans

Three Beautiful Things

  1. The Beauty of Unplanned Giving– I had a nice juicy McChicken sandwich and I stopped at a stop light. There was a bum there who looked like he was hungry. The look on his face immedately called me to action. I had no plans of giving up my hot and delicious McChicken sandwich! But I did it. I asked him if he was hungry and he jumped up and ran to the car. I gave him my sandwich. Now I sit here and my stomach is rumbling and I have no food. But I feel good. I eat eveyday. I don’t know when he ate last, but God does. He ate tonight. The best McChicken sandwich in the world.
  2. Grace- I am thankful that Gods grace in my life. If not for his grace and mercy, I dont know what I would be doing right now.  Becasue of grace, I dont live my life riddled with guilt over things I have done wrong or continue to do wrong.
  3. Plans- If I didnt have plans I would have no hope for the future and I would not be able to handle going to work. I appreciate my job, but it does nothing for my creativity. I realize that I have to plan to live a creative and fullfilling life. It doesnt just happen. So thank God for the ability and insight to plan.

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