Three Beautiful Things

I came accross a blog today that really touched my heart. It’s a simple idea really and it ties into everything I believe about worship. Clare started a blog, called Three beautiful things. It’s simple elegance has inspired me to incorporate the premise into my blog. Everyday I will challenge myself to notice three beautiful things.  Thanks Clare!

My three beautiful things for today:

  1. My husband sang to me. It was a silly nonsense song that brought back memories of when we met. It made my heart fill warm and full.
  2. I saw two birds fighting in the parking lot, soaring through the air. They looked so free.
  3. I reached out to a fellow blogger today to use a quote from his material and recieved and immediate response.

Thank you Clare for a magnificent idea!


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One response to “Three Beautiful Things

  1. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for 3BTing – – it’s much appreciated. I love the bit about your husband singing to you.


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