3BT – Giving, Grace & Plans

Three Beautiful Things

  1. The Beauty of Unplanned Giving– I had a nice juicy McChicken sandwich and I stopped at a stop light. There was a bum there who looked like he was hungry. The look on his face immedately called me to action. I had no plans of giving up my hot and delicious McChicken sandwich! But I did it. I asked him if he was hungry and he jumped up and ran to the car. I gave him my sandwich. Now I sit here and my stomach is rumbling and I have no food. But I feel good. I eat eveyday. I don’t know when he ate last, but God does. He ate tonight. The best McChicken sandwich in the world.
  2. Grace- I am thankful that Gods grace in my life. If not for his grace and mercy, I dont know what I would be doing right now.  Becasue of grace, I dont live my life riddled with guilt over things I have done wrong or continue to do wrong.
  3. Plans- If I didnt have plans I would have no hope for the future and I would not be able to handle going to work. I appreciate my job, but it does nothing for my creativity. I realize that I have to plan to live a creative and fullfilling life. It doesnt just happen. So thank God for the ability and insight to plan.

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