All You Need To Know About Me….


I am RENA, a loner and, a pretender.
I wonder where or who I am and why is this
I hear the ocean waves beckoning me.
I see aspirations on the distant horizon.
I want desperately to feel like myself.
I pretend you are not there.
I feel that life is beyond good and evil, far beyond this realm. I touch myself pinching myself to see if I am still here living this dream. I worry that others will find out about me or who I seem not to be. I cry for help what a cliche. I pretend you are not there. I understand that what counts is experience and communion.

I say to myself and God. Only Thou knowst if I am dreaming is any of this real?I dreamed about the Garden of Eden last night. I wanted to scream at Eve. I tried desperately to wake up.I prayed for deliverance, courage, strength, and wisdom.
I am RENA, a loner, a pretender…..

Defining Who I Am

  1. Loner by choice.
  2. Pretender by birth.
  3. Called by GOD to create.
  4. Ignoring the stereotypes of society.
I don’t mind being alone. It enhances the creative process. Contrary to popular belief, quiet is good.
If you prented to be who you want to be long enough, you will become who you once pretended to be.
Called by God and the ocean waves
Have you ever been to the ocean at night? The roaring ocean speaks to my soul with words that have no sound.
Groanings beyond mortal understanding that transcend the moment waiting to become “art”.
I pretend you are not there.
I will never let anyone squeeze me into their mold.

My Favorite Quotes

  • There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. – Uknown author
  • The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. -Psalm 11:2
  • The job of an artist is always to deepen the mystery. -Francis Bacon

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