Rena aka StormyThanks for visiting This Woman’s Worth.  I’m trying to understand myvalue in this confusing world. Are you interested in finding out what a woman’s worth really is? Do you know the value of what you bring to the table? I’m learning.

I am an everyday woman who feels like I have some God given wisdom to share. I believe in God, but will not beat you over the head with the bible or judge you. My interest is womens issues, marriage, blended famillies and relationships.

This is advice and recommendations from a real woman who isn’t afraid to admit the truth about how society at some point affected my view of relationships and my value in a relationship. I have a heart for stuggling women looking for a husband or trying to maintain a marriage and learning to love your single self.

I have first hand experience with success, failure, dating, marriage, backsliding, a thirst for things that arent good for me, determination to change, commitment to God, self and family. I have “gone through” and come out on the other side, successful, sexy and saved.

I feel your pain my sisters . I’m still looking for answers. I struggle to realize my full value in Christ and how it applies to my dialy life. I’ll share what I learn with you and you can share your stories with me. I would love for this site to be interactive.  Please post your stories, struggles and opinions. 

I have been married 14 years now and I know the struggle of maintaining a Godly relationship in a troubled word.  I dont mean just a relationship with a man, but between you and God or you and family. In addition to articles that I find online this is my journal and my thoughts on relationships and life in general.  It took me a long time to find myself. I am comfortable in my own skin and I have made peace with Christ. I have a free heart and a desire to see other women experience that peace.

So, hear are the pieces and parts of my heart that I allow the world to see. Revealing my innermost thoughts to the world is an emotional challenge. I write about what moves me, what i get; anger at social injustice, compassion at suffering, exultation at conquest, and a rage for inclusion. I am no expert, just an ordinary woman with wisdom, faith, love and experience to share.

Mama have to pay the bills 🙂


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