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Living with his porn addiction

How do you live with the pain of a continued affair? Men think that just because they haven’t had sex with anyone else you should be grateful. How can I be grateful that when my husband makes love to me he is fantasizing about some other woman, better yet some other body. I you have live with a man addicted to porn you know when he isn’t and when he is watching porn, because he doesn’t look at you when you have sex. He often can’t maintain and erection. They don’t realize that porn is a drug like any other. It effects thier lives in a way that ruins relationships just like crack.

If you love him pray for him and pray for you. Pray for stregnth and courage to get through. Theres help for him and for you.  Please visit



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Competing With Pornography

Competing w/ PornoPornography is everywhere ladies and we can’t escape. It’s on billboards, magazines, television commercials, product packaging. I don’t understand how so many years of fighting for women’s rights ended up like this. I can’t even go to Walmart with being accosted by things I don’t care to see or deal with. Did we fight for the right to be pornographic images, poster board women. Don’t we have more value?

I don’t want to be seen that way. I don’t want my daughters to be seen that way. It’s an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for me to go in the grocery story and stand in line, with my son and my husband, behind some 15 year old girl with her thong showing and half of her butt cheeks hanging out.  The closer we get to check out the more half naked, shiny women pop out at us on the magazine rack.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The gloves must come off!


All Is Fair In Love & War.  I love my husband and I know men are visual. He is a good christian husband who has not disappointed me with infidelity. I’m lucky. Faced with a choice I have decided to fight fire with fire. Being that I am Successful, Sexy & Saved, I went to bible for advice and this is what I found.

I Corinthians 7:34-35

34 So he is pulled in two directions. Unmarried women and women who have never been married worry only about pleasing the Lord, and they keep their bodies and minds pure. But a married woman worries about the things of this world, because she wants to please her husband. 35 What I am saying is for your own good–it isn’t to limit your freedom. I want to help you to live right and to love the Lord above all else.

Married Women Worry About Things of This World

What does that mean to me? I worry about the things that keep my husbands attention. I’ll list them for you. If you are conservative, then cover your eyes, this is not for you.

  1. Preserving my sexy and making sure I look good. (doesn’t always work I am a wife)
  2. Paying attention to the things that stir desire in my husband and try them.
  3. Keep my husband full. ( Wear him out in bed ladies, make your life easier)
  4. Step outside my comfort zone and do what pleases him. (Still trying this one.)
  5. Stop being afraid to ask what he wants and be prepared to give it.
  6. Muster up some excitement even if you are tired.

The bottom line: Pay attention to the things of this world. What the world means for evil, God can make it all good!  Life is a battle and we are on the front line.  Take the gloves off!

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