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Living with his porn addiction

How do you live with the pain of a continued affair? Men think that just because they haven’t had sex with anyone else you should be grateful. How can I be grateful that when my husband makes love to me he is fantasizing about some other woman, better yet some other body. I you have live with a man addicted to porn you know when he isn’t and when he is watching porn, because he doesn’t look at you when you have sex. He often can’t maintain and erection. They don’t realize that porn is a drug like any other. It effects thier lives in a way that ruins relationships just like crack.

If you love him pray for him and pray for you. Pray for stregnth and courage to get through. Theres help for him and for you.  Please visit



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Power Question #2

2. What areas of your life could be upgraded or tweaked?

I could upgrade my follow-thru and tweak my organization.  I so many plans for my life that I often forget to follow-thru. I have these grand ideas and I know that I could improve the quality of my life if I would follow thru. I help other people all time.  I create plans for them and they follow-thru, so I know my plans work. I just need to figure out an organizational method to get ‘er done.

The Plan

Stop planning and follow-thru with the plans I already made.

Create a schedule that includes a reasonale amount of tasks to complete before the day is over.

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Power Question #1

1. If you were to FULLY live your life, what is the first change you would start to make?

I would open myself up to other people and have more conversations with people I don’t know. I would get more comfortable sharing the wealth of information that God has given me.

Prayer: In Jesus name I claim the power to share wisdom and knowledge. Place one person in my path everday. Open my heart and my mouth. Let your will be my will. Amen.

Feel free to answer this question yourself. Share your answer.

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